ZTE Video Conference ZXV10 T700 4MX

T700 4MX Standard Configuration: IP access, maximum 4Mbps rate, H.264 720P /1080P, H.239 dual stream, remote control, A100 Digital Microhone

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Outstanding Visual Communication Experience
The T700 not only delivers video resolutions up to 1080p 30fps, but also supports 720p 60fps which offers superior motion handling at half the latency. In addition, the T700 supports dual 720p 30fps video streaming which enables the user to simultaneously send one HD video stream and one HD content stream for crisp high motion data sharing. With HD video resolution and hi-fidelity audio support, the T700 delivers a high quality and uncompromised videoconferencing experience.
Easy Deployment
The integrated design of the T700 ensures a simple installation for any user. Using the mounting brackets provided, the T700 can be installed in a variety of locations including wall mounting or, on top or below a free-standing display. With an easy to use graphically driven menu system the T700 is very simple to operate and maintain. Easy deployment and ease of use ensure that the T700 videoconferencing system can be used effectively in any meeting environment.
Superior Call Quality
In order to maintain superior video and audio quality in every call across the most challenging and variable of network environments - the T700 uses a range of sophisticated management tools to automatically, and dynamically, adapt to network conditions. The T700 delivers rock solid images and crystal clear audio to ensure that each meeting is natural and productive as possible  every time.

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