SEAGATE NAS HDD 4TB + Rescue - ST4000VN003

SATA 6.0Gb/s, Cahce 64MB, 4TB + Rescue Data Recovery Service

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Rp. 2.625.000

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  • Seagate NAS HDD is built and tested to provide industry-leading performance for small NAS systems
  • Gasworks' technology supports customized error recovery controls, power management and vibration tolerance for optimal performance and reliability in a 1- to 8-bay solution with 20 users or less
  • NAS error recovery controls optimize drive health by helping to ensure drives are not dropped from the NAS and sent into a RAID rebuild
  • Improved vibration tolerance and emission in multi-drive systems with dual-plane balance
  • Advanced power management supports multiple power profiles for low-power, 24 x 7 performance
  • Quiet drive operation enhances customer experience in living room or office environments
  • Built and tested to provide industry-leading performance for 24x7 NAS applications
Kapasitas Penyimpanan 4 - 6 TB
Brand Seagate