FILCO Majestouch NINJA - Black Switch

Cable 1.5 Meter, Cherry MX Black, USB

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• High-quality mechanical keyboard has full-size US-104 key layout with numberpad
• Letters are printed on the front of the keys for a stealthy appearance!
• Perfect for the users who are confident in touch typing, or want to build their touch-typing skills
• The printing won''t wear off due to being touched either, so your keyboard will last longer
• Two additional Windows keys with front-printing, and a keypuller, are included
• Designed in Japan, now in Australia!
• Linear feel Black Cherry key switches, no click action when you press down
• Solid rigid construction and weight, N-Key rollover, up to 6 keys typed simultaneously will be recognised via USB
• All the keys typed simultaneously are recognized when connected via PS/2.
• A long key stroke of 4mm and the contact point at 2mm between the key stroke.
• Easy, fast and stress-free typing for the famous features of Cherry MX tactile feel
• Key pitch/Key stroke: 19mm/4+/-0.5mm
• Designed-in-Japan, made in Taiwan, rigid structure

Kategori Produk Keyboard
Tipe Keyboard Gaming Keyboard
Brand Filco
Warna Black

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