Ducky One TKL RGB LED [DKON1687ST-RUSADAAT1] - Red Switch

Wired Gaming Keyboard, Brown Cherry MX, TKL (80%), RGB, ABS Double Shot, USB, Panjang Kabel 60"

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Ducky One TKL RGB LED [DKON1687ST-RUSADAAT1] - Red Switch

The Ducky One RGB boasts one of the slimmest designs that Ducky have ever made - without compromising functionality. It features improved RGB backlighting, Cherry MX Red switches, a slim tenkeyless design, ABS doubleshot backlit keycaps, Ducky Macro V2.0 and more. The two-stage feet heights are new and improved from traditional designs allowing you to choose one of three angles for maximum ergonomic comfort. Purpose built for the avid gamer, the dual layered PCB board, full N-Key Rollover via USB and Windows Lock key are all top tier features that help The One stand out from the rest.

Tipe Keyboard Gaming Keyboard
Brand Ducky
Kategori Produk Gaming Keyboard