SOUNDMAGIC Portable Headphone [P21S]

High quality leather and memory foam for super comfortable on-ear fit. Deep base, well balanced, accurate sound, Flat anti-tangle cable for easy storage. Excellent Value

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With the P21 SoundMAGIC have created a headphone that is ideal for taking on the road. High-fidelity sound reproduction combined with foldable design, specially designed anti-tangle cable and light weight make the P21 an extremely portable listening device. To top of this mobile headphone SoundMAGIC have included comfortable earpads padded with memory foam.

Precision tuned by SoundMAGIC's acoustic engineers, the drivers of the P21 deliver accurate and balanced sound with deep bass. With full bodied bass, accurate vocals and sparkling trebles the P21 is made for listeners that appreciate accuracy and clarity.

SoundMAGIC have equipped the P21 with a closed earcup allowing you to listen to your music in private when travelling on trains, planes or commuting to work. The earcup is covered with a metal plate to protect the headphones from damage.

Soft, leatherette earpads equipped with memory foam gently mould on the ear to create a comfortable wearing experience. When not in use, the folding headband allows for the P21 to be easily stowed in the included travel pouch.

Music on the move with comfort and high fidelity.

Precision Sound
Tuned by SoundMAGIC's acoustic engineers, the drivers of the P21 deliver accurate and balanced sound with surprisingly weighty bass for the size of the headphone.

Comfort Factor
Lightweight design and soft leatherette earpads padded with memory foam create a comfortable listening experience.

Made for Traveling
The folding headband allows you to stow the P21 quickly and easily in the supplied travel pouch to keep your headphones safe when not in use.

Closed Design
Equipped with a closed earcup, the P21 features a high level of noise isolation keeping your listening private.

Brand Soundmagic

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