XBOX One S FIFA 17 Bundle [500GB]

Xbox One S 1TB Console, Xbox Wireless Controller, FIFA 17 full game download, 3 FIFA Ultimate Team Loaned Legends (Xbox exclusive), 1 Rare Player Pack, 1-month EA Access, 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial

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The Xbox One® S Console 500GB in white is the upgraded version of the Xbox One®, featuring more power and a slimmer size. This FIFA 17 bundle also includes the full FIFA 17 game, three Loan Legends and one month of EA Access. Compatible apps facilitate 4K streaming and 4K Blu-ray is supported as well.

Xbox One® S key differences

The Xbox One® S is 40% smaller than the Xbox One®, and lighter too. The power supply is built in so you no longer have a bulky power unit attached to the back of the console. The look of the console has also been updated from the iconic black exterior to a new sleek white design with black accents. Bluetooth and infrared are now supported too, but the Kinect port has been removed. As well as a new compact size, the Xbox One® S also includes a HD Blu-ray player, which is not available with the PS4™, PS4™ Pro, PS4™ Slim, Wii U™, Xbox One® or Xbox One® Elite.

Including FIFA 17

EA Sports™ FIFA 17 is the latest instalment to the FIFA series. The football game has been created using a completely new and powerful games engine, Frostbite. Utilising this power, it brings new features, high-definition graphics, realistic animations and emotions, true physics and lifelike footballing gameplay to your screen for the first time.

The Journey

A unique, Single Player story campaign mode, The Journey puts you in the shoes of young 17-year-old footballer, Alex Hunter, as he attempts to make his mark in the Premier League. As the grandson of former English striker, Jim Hunter, you’ll experience the highs and lows of Alex’s journey to become a legendary footballer.

Active Intelligence (AI) system

FIFA 17 introduces constant spatial analysis into the game for the first time. Assisted by the new Frostbite engine, this results in more activity off the ball and innovates the way the AI reacts to every moment of the game.

Pushback Tech

The new ‘Pushback Tech’ completely revolutionises the way trapping, dribbling, defence and the physics of players and the ball work. This change results in a more lifelike game, allowing you to defend and attack in the game like you would in real life.

New attacking techniques

Create chances and score all-important goals with completely new attacking techniques: keep the ball low, for example, whether you’re taking a finesse shot or volleying; curve the ball with the new threaded through pass, allowing you to place the ball exactly where you want it; or complete downward headers for the first time ever to give you even more scoring options and make the keepers work even harder.
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