Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz,Nominal inpendance: 24 ohm, Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 97dB,Cable length: 1.3m, Colour: Black, White, Blue

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2014 NEW Edifier H220P In-Ear earphones HIFI headset stereo Audio Headphones Portable With Microphone For Mobile phones mp3 mp4

High specification acoustic configuration, excellent sound quality
10mm high-performance NdFeB unit, 6-micron ultra-thin diaphragm, Japanese black coil. Excellent resolution, high frequency detail-rich, low dive and outstanding amount of sense for pop music interpretation.





Designs with no sense of fashion sense both industry 
H220P design is consistent with the mainstream public aesthetic, rounded surface, plating trim, a variety of colors, taking into account the professional products and fashion sense 


Ergonomically designed, comfortable to wear 
H220P ergonomic design, the angle just right ear, rounded surface modeling significantly reduce wear foreign body sensation, lightweight design and help reduce the overall weight of the headset, even though no significant Ji long wearing appropriate.


Clear communication, easy to operate Controller integrated mobile phone line, perfect compatible with smartphone, PAD, Tablet Pc ,Audio equipment,etc. clear voice, easy to use.


With three pairs of silicone earmuffs (L/M/S)


High elastic TPE cables, the top quality core structure, prevent winding, durable resistance to pull



3.5 mm level 4 goldplating plug, long service life, better sound quality


The standard tieline, more compatibility,work for almost all mobile phones.


Wired remote controlkey functions:

With the mobile phone brand, model, system versions vary, consumers should be independently verified yourself.
Example(operating on iPhone 5):
Pausemusicor video: Press thebutton to pauseplayback, pressto resume playback

Skip to the next song: Press the center button twice continuously

Return on a: Continuous press the center button three times

Fast forward: quickly press and hold the button twice

Back: quickly press a button and hold the last three

Answering the phone: When an incoming call, click the center button
Hang up the phone: call, click the center button

To reject a call after the release hold the button for about two seconds, I heard a low beep twice;: Rejecting calls

Part of theAndroidphone withthe operationdifferently,depending onthe variousprogramsandoperatingsystemsof differentvendors.
Tipe Headset Ear Set
Brand Edifier